Agincourt Computing

Agincourt Computing does consulting and contract programming in the areas of general programming, data communications, local area networks, and user interface design.

Steve Smith is our Principal Consultant. His resume is here.

Where Did the Name Come From?

In 1415, the English whipped the French near the little town of Agincourt. More info here.

It is pronounced "ADGE in court" (English) or "azh een CORE" (French)

So What Is Going On Here?

Probably the single biggest question we get is "So what's going on with these computer thingies?".  Well, a question like that is either a total conversation stopper or an opportunity to expound on absolutely anything. 

The old entries here were going from being quaint historical artifacts to being a bit embarassing. I have moved up in time and replaced them with one of those newfangled blog things. It's called Arrows from Agincourt, and hopefully I can keep it more up-to-date.

Other Things You Should Know About

You probably need this:

Steve's General Silliness Page

We all need these:

These are your rights we're talking about here.

The Internet is rapidly becoming the world's back fence and bazaar. There are a lot of forces trying, not to shut down the Internet (at this stage of the game, that would be impossible), but to control it and force it into their own mold. Not a back fence but a newspaper op-ed page; not a bazaar but a shopping mall.

Fortunately, there are a number of organizations that are working for our rights — not what various businesses and governments would like us to be content with. Here are a few of the better known ones:

Check 'em out.

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