General Silliness

We all need a little silliness in our lives to keep our innards from getting rusty.  Here are some of our favorites.

Dilbert, of course

Go to the Dilbert Zone Anybody who doesn't understand Dilbert has probably never worked in an office as anything but a manager.  Or maybe as a janitor.

Useful Work Phrases

When we were kids, our mothers all told us that the "magic word" was "please".  As we have gotten older, (hopefully!) wiser, and more cynical, we have learned that the real "magic word" is "no".  As in "I know I said that report didn't have to be done for two months, but can you have it on my desk Monday morning first thing?"  "No."

That is fine for general, all purpose use.  Here are some other useful phrases for more specific situations.

Rules for the Evil Overlord

At one time or another, we've all dreamed of what we'd do if we ran the world.  Unfortunately, those who have tried (at least in the movies) always seem to make exactly the same mistakes.

This page is presented in an effort to prevent the failure of more promising world empires.

You Know You've Had Too Much of the 90s When ...

The nineties was a long decade.  Thank heaven it's over.  We can hope that the ... uh, what do we call this decade?  The zeros?  The oughties?  The naughties?  Well, anyway, we can hope that it will be better.  I'm not too hopeful, though.

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