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Sunday, January 27, 2008


Well, the old Agincourt Computing Web page is looking kind of moth-eaten. It's the same as it always was, but expectations have changed. In particular, the So What is Going On Here? section is downright quaint.
It's facelift time. The resume is fine, and the Battle of Agincourt section just needs a bit of touchup, but the rest needs a serious update. I'm going to start with the old So What is Going On Here? section. There's these things called a blog (you might have heard of them :-), so we'll give it a try. I will be importing some of the stuff that still makes sense (like the article on Spam vs SPAM)
The template I'm using for now is bog-standard from Blogger. It really needs some customization; it'll be getting it. I'll update the main Agincourt page when I figure out what I want it to look like.

General Policy

  • This is a public blog. Anybody may link to anything here, for any reason, without limit.
  • We make no promises regarding the permanence of anything here. It may go away at any time.
  • We make no promises about the accuracy of anything here. If somebody points out a problem, we'll try to fix it.
  • Any opinions expressed here are the opinion of the author. Agincourt Computing, as an entity, has no opinions on anything.

Comment Policy

I'll be delighted if anybody cares enough about this stuff to comment on it. However, some caveats:
  • No spam. Duh! If I think it looks like spam, I'll delete it immediately and ban the poster.
  • The usual "don't be a jerk" stuff. No personal attacks on anybody. Nothing illegal. My decision is final.
  • Try to keep the language clean; a lot of people work in places where the Web is filtered. Naughty words can get the whole thing blocked.
  • Your comments are yours. We take no responsibility for anything you say. In exchange, we make no intellectual property claims on your comments.
  • If you don't want to use your "real name" (whatever that means), use a handle. Conversations among people all named "anonymous" get confusing.
  • We make no guarantees that comments (or anything else on the site) will be here when you come back. If you want to keep a copy of your comments, you should make one yourself. Cut and paste are your friends.
  • This blog is public. Nothing posted here is remotely private. Speak no secrets.
  • We'll cooperate with the authorities, as required by law. Again, duh!


Unless specifically stated otherwise, everything on this blog is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license. In other words, anybody can make copies or derivative works from this blog, as long as they make proper attribution and release any derivative works under a similar license. Summary -- We want credit, and if you make money off of our work, we want a cut. Beyond that, have fun!

Policy Policy

We reserve the right to change any of these policies at any time, for any reason. (Sorta makes the whole thing useless, doesn't it :-)